ECW World Heavyweight Championship
WWE Version of Extreme Championship Wrestling

Date Champion Defeated
February 16, 2010 Ezekiel Jackson Christian
Extreme rules - final ECW champion.
July 26, 2009 Christian (2) Tommy Dreamer
June 7, 2009 Tommy Dreamer Christian and Jack Swagger
Hardcore match.
April 26, 2009 Christian Jack Swagger
January 13, 2009 Jack Swagger Matt Hardy
September 7, 2008 Matt Hardy Mark Henry, Finlay, The Miz, and Chavo Guerrero
Championship scramble match.
June 29, 2008 Mark Henry Kane and Big Show
Triple threat.
March 30, 2008 Kane Chavo Guerrero
January 22, 2008 Chavo Guerrero CM Punk
September 1, 2007 CM Punk John Morrison (formerly Nitro)
June 24, 2007 Johnny Nitro CM Punk
Finals of a four man mini-tourney. Nitro fills in for an absent Chris Benoit.
June 3, 2007 Bobby Lashley (2) Vince McMahon
3-on-1 Match with Umaga and Shane McMahon. Stripped of title on June 11 when drafted to Raw.
April 29, 2007 Vince McMahon Bobby Lashley
3-on-1 Match with Umaga and Shane McMahon.
December 3, 2006 Bobby Lashley Big Show, Rob Van Dam, Hardcore Holly, Test, CM Punk
Extreme Elimination Chamber.
July 4, 2006 Big Show Rob Van Dam
June 13, 2006 Rob Van Dam Awarded
Awarded the title when he won the WWE title.