World Wrestling Federation Million Dollar Championship

Date Champion Defeated
April 5, 2010 Ted Dibiase, Jr. Awarded
Title was given the him by his father. Title was returned to his father and then abandoned November 15, 2010.
December 18, 1995 Steve Austin Awarded
Title awarded then abandoned when Austins manager, Ted DiBiase leaves the WWF due to a stipulation in a match between Savio Vega and Austin on May 28, 1996
November 11, 1991 Ted Dibiase (2) Virgil
Title abandoned when Dibiase wins the world tag team championship on February 7, 1992
August 26, 1991 Virgil Ted Dibiase
February 15, 1989 Ted Dibiase Awarded
Title created for him because he was frustrated that he couldn't win or buy a championship.